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Johnson Street Yacht Club

Downstairs happily reopening—we’ve missed you!—while continuing to build our killer new upstairs bar and deck. It will be ready this summer (it better be) for all the day-drinking, sun-bathing and shot & beer while under the stars your heart desires!

Rendering of new outdoor bar area that has been edited and drawn on to look like a zine
New architectural updates to Johnson Street Yacht Club

Excuse Me

Hi, we just wanted to let you know that we are going to:

  • ★️ Smile when we’re happy to see you
  • ★️️ Let you slide instead of using the stairs
  • ★️ ️Encourage you to drink…good things. there’s a lot of bad cheap booze out there, but we won’t steer you wrong
  • ★️️ Dress the way we want to—tips should come from great service
  • ★️ Introduce you to other regulars AND protect you from harassment and abuse—rude and pushy assholes will be shown the door
  • ★️️ Give you a place to chill and let your freak flag fly

We do this for you and we do it for us. we need a dive place to drink with all the good people!


What's New

Don’t Freak Out—Fiction Kitchen Isn’t Closing

Kim Hammer and Caroline Morrison pictured in Askew House building
Kim Hammer and Caroline Morrison

What’s going on?

Caroline Morrison (Fiction Kitchen) is taking her delicious talent upscale with Askew House, a new vegetarian fine dining restaurant for downtown Raleigh. Kim Hammer (Bittersweet) is jumping in for dessert consult and creative direction.

Wait, I know Fiction Kitchen isn’t closing, what about Bittersweet?

Nope, Bittersweet stays too. Kim is lending dessert, menu and interior assistance—working as Creative Director of OneRaleigh, the hospitality group opening this new joint.

Okay, so what is it?

Askew House is a celebration of vegetarian cuisine in an historic downtown Raleigh house. Expect fancy plating, exceptional and rare produce, a vegan cocktail menu and LOTS of wine.

Askew House will be a showcase of Chef Morrison’s talent and the natural growth of her skills and cuisine into the realm of fine dining. She has most recently drawn the attention of the James Beard Foundation and was a a featured chef at the James Beard House for New Voices: A Southern Supper progressive dinner on March 10, 2020.

Vegan or Vegetarian?

This will be a 100% vegetarian kitchen with many vegan offerings including house-made vegan cheese and several vegan desserts.

How? Wait? Where did this idea come from?

Kim and Caroline have been talking for some time about wanting to work with more small, local growers to bring their produce into downtown Raleigh. Askew House will finally give these two a platform to get more local dollars to farmers using environmentally sound and sustainable farming practices. This influx of more delicious local fruits and veggies will give guests fresher, just-off-the-farm produce—at a level of quality and variety that allows Caroline to show off her talent and exquisite palate. Expect more of the fresh produce-based cocktails found already at Bittersweet and Fiction Kitchen as well as time-intensive dishes like fresh house-made pasta and slow simmered soups.

So where and when?

Askew House (pronounced ASS-CUE...heh) is located at 110 Glenwood Ave. in the old Askew Taylor Paint shop. Just ask any NCSU Design School Grad to point it out to you. You can’t buy by paint there anymore, but we’d like to think there will still be some serious art coming out of this house. Askew House is slated to open in 2022 and will provide two floors of dining with a variety of spaces available for rental—from small parties (under 20) to larger needs such as wedding receptions.

Want to get involved?

Askew House will be looking for front and back of house service employees real soon. We are in need of all types of service industry people—including management, pastry chefs and front of house folks with experience in fine dining and wine. Please send resumes to:


Never been slackers always been hungry.

Every abandoned building is an opportunity

“any owner of that lot next door has a right to do with it as he pleases”

“rezoned for her pleasure”


No to condos, paid parking and generic bars. No to big boxes and corporate logos slapped down in place of old bowling alleys.


Yes to late nights, choice, hunger, desire, salty women & feminist men.

Yes to culture, independence, ego checks & NFG, dinner parties, clean food & strong drinks.

Who are we?

We are the contemptuously impatient for neighborhood spots that are sweet revenge for all the shitty jobs in generic spaces we’ve been stuck in too long.

Relax. Get comfortable. It’s gonna get weird, but it’s gonna be okay.

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